Thursday, December 6, 2018

Stop-Over Forever (1964)

Flight attendant Susan Chambers books into her hotel in Sicily after a flight, but is gunned down by an unknown assailant. A few hours later Susan Chambers then turns up again, only this is the real one (Ann Bell), the other being a colleague (Brita van Krogh) who had swapped rooms with her.

While the Italian police chief Captain Mordente (Julian Sherrier) investigates the crime he is naturally suspicious of why the switch. Susan realises that her colleague was mistaken for her and she is in danger... And there are plenty of suspects, could it be her lover (Anthony Bate) who won't divorce his wife? A pilot (Conrad Phillips) with a dark secret? The drunk friend who wants more than she'll offer him (Bruce Boa)? Or even Mordente who resents her for some earlier incident which resulted in the death of his wife?

The film is set in such beautiful surroundings though is at times a bit dull, the pace being a bit slow. The characters are also somewhat annoying especially Susan, who in fine movie tradition, doesn't do anything logical while in fear of her life and instead runs around like a headless chicken. She does do a good job of portraying paranoia and fear well though. The twist at the end is excellent.