Monday, March 26, 2018

The Ghost Camera (1933)

The Ghost Camera is an example of a Quota quickie, a British film made to help support the film industry in the 1930s. The films were usually low budget and quickly made and not that successful. The Ghost Camera though was one of the most successful of these films and is rather good.

It is a quirky mystery film starring Henry Kendall, Ida Lupino and a young John Mills in one of his first films, involving the discovery of a camera and the film when developed seems to show a murder. The finder of the camera thus goes on a quest to try and find out what has happened.

Some of the characters are a little too quirky perhaps and the film is a bit too rough and ready, basically driven by Henry Kendall's commentary of what he is doing (and he is often hilarious) but it is undeniably enjoyable. It also has a pretty good plot.