Friday, March 30, 2018

The Riverside Murder (1935)

The Riverside Murder is a fast paced crime drama involving a group of businessmen who have a pact where if one of them dies the others get his money, and someone is killing off these businessmen one by one.

It falls on Inspector Winton (Basil Sydney) to investigate the crimes supported by his sergeant (Alistair Sim). Also investigating is eager and slightly annoying reporter Judy Gunn.

It all has the air of a Golden Age crime novel, especially as most of the action takes place in the same house. With just an hour to play with and a fair amount of story to fit in the film can be a bit frantic at times. It also at times stretches credibility a bit with the police actions but it is all jolly good fun with an exciting ending. Everyone ends up happily ever after... well except the corpses of course and the murderer.