Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Ace Of Spades (1935)

You could call this a political drama as the setting is the run-up to an election but really it is a jolly detective drama with plenty of Golden Age touches (most of the action takes place at a country house et cetera).

At times silly and frenetic the story involves the accidental death of the Lord of the manor and a political candidate (Michael Hogan) thinking he was to blame... as does someone else blackmailing him.

Well we know "who dunnit" already but the mystery involves the identity of the blackmailer. The title? Well various Ace of Spades playing cards get defaced.

It is not really what you would call a deep drama but it has a good cast ensemble including Dorothy Boyd and Geraldine Fitzgerald and various amusing comedic touches. Overall the film is a good watch, after all it has the planning application for a railway line as a major plot point, and how can any film that includes such a thing not be well worth your time?