Sunday, April 22, 2018

Kong Island (1968)

Low budget monkey business in a film that is not about King Kong, or set on an island. It stars Brad Harris as a mercenary who is enlisted to help a girl (Ursula Davis) on a big game hunt in a forbidden jungle who has been kidnapped by gorillas.

These arn't normal gorillas though (as that obviously wouldn't be bad enough), these are cyborg gorillas. The slaves of a mad scientist bent on world domination, or at least kidnapping a young girl for nookie.

Naturally the film is unintentionally hilarious and makes little sense. It makes even less sense when we come across Eva (Esmeralda Barros) who has apparently been raised by monkeys and is regarded as some kind of loincloth clad god. It is not altogether clear why they needed to add a jungle girl to an already confusing film about revenge, mercenaries, kidnaps, mad scientists and gorillas... maybe they thought they just needed some more near naked female flesh.