Sunday, April 8, 2018

Stars On Parade (1936)

Stars On Parade collects a variety of music hall acts (comedians, singers, dancers et cetera) and what a nostalgia fest it is.

It doesn't all work, some of the comedy sketches are a little drawn out but the next act is usually up pretty quickly anyway. The best acts were the singer Navarre, the magician Horace Goldin, the detective dog Dr Watson, a high energy dance number by the Sherman Fisher Girls and a lovely accordion-backed song by Pat Hyde.

The acts hang on a vague storyline about an investigation into a poisoning but don't take much notice of that! It is very entertaining (at times), quite corny at others and sometimes simply odd (a horse painted white posed as a statue, whats that all about?) A world that's now long gone and that's a shame.