Friday, April 13, 2018

At Twelve Midnight (1933)

Also known as "The Mystic Hour", At Twelve Midnight is an uneven crime drama. At times exciting and fast paced action but others a slow and sometimes confusing family drama.

It stars Charles Hutchison as a hero who falls in love with Lucille Powers while chasing a criminal and they are soon to marry. Unfortunately Lucille's guardian (Charles Middleton) is a crook who has squandered his ward's money and desperately needs to stop the marriage before everything is revealed. We then get into a kidnap plot and it all becomes a bit weird with double crossing aplenty.

It is a passable film, the hero is a little unlikely and the plot is a bit silly. Its not without some good points though, many provided by Edith Thornton. Some of the stunts are also extraordinary including one where Hutchison rolls underneath a moving train.