Thursday, April 5, 2018

Till Death Do We Scare (1982)

The first few minutes of Till Death Do We Scare are among the funniest in movie history, thats if someone getting crushed by a steamroller (with the film then cutting to the funeral with a totally flat coffin) is enough to make you laugh. Hey it worked for me.

After that the film meanders a bit too much to truly be considered "winning" though the ending is fairly exciting with some nice ghost monster touches. There probably wasn't enough script for a whole movie but the good start and decent ending make the film worth watching.

Till Death Do We Scare stars Olivia Cheng as a three-times widow who is wooed by Alan Tam.

Olivia's three deceased husbands (present as ghosts) want her to be happy and stay alive to maintain their legacy so try their best to get Olivia and Alan together and then, as they fear Alan will also die soon after marriage, do their best to try and split them up. Alan's sidekick Eric Tsang gets scared by a chair and menaced by the Ghost King's daughter playing the fall guy for a lot of the jokes as he does so well.

Its often quite hilarious and also pretty stupid, like many other HK comedies of the period. The comedy is goofy and slapstick though at times highly inventive. As a horror film it works too sometimes, the horror is quite frightening though at other times utter cheese. It isn't perfect by any means but overall it is worth persevering with.