Sunday, April 15, 2018

Savage Streets (1984)

Savage Streets is a revenge action film involving gangs of Los Angeles. Thus it is a very violent film, shamelessly exploitative and full of unnecessary gratuitous female nudity. It's not all good though, the acting is nearly as bad as the violence.

It stars Linda Blair as a tough girl at college, fiercely protective of her deaf sister (Linnea Quigley). They become involved with a gang of thugs led by a rather psychotic Robert Dryer. This leads to the brutal rape of Linda's sister and the murder of her pregnant friend. Linda dons the leather, picks up her crossbow and is out for revenge.

It is all rather video nasty with a high body count... accompanied by a not-terrible mid-1980s rock soundtrack. The acting is generally awful but the gang members are pretty scary in a overdose-on-speed kind of way. Its a film full of violence and sex but devoid of much plot... sometimes though that kind of low-art is just what you want.