Saturday, January 6, 2018

Raped By An Angel 3 : Sexual Fantasy Of The Chief Executive (1998)

With a title like this you know its probably not going to be a philosophical work, especially as the notorious Wong Jing is behind it...

This film can be best described as a softcore porn crime thriller in that it involves a candidate for the position of HK Chief Executive (Alex Fong) who is also a successful businessman but in his office building women working alone at night get raped yet this somehow does not affect his election standing...

The fact he keeps seeing naked women while out on the campaign trail doesn't affect him either or the fact he likes a bit of rumpy pumpy on his desk though he does go and see old-flame turned psychologist Angie Cheung who suggests he cut himself off from the world for 24 hours.

When the 24 hours are up, and he scarcely remembers what has happened in that time, he finds out one of his office staff, Pinky Cheung, has been raped and he is the suspect. By an amazing coincidence though Pinky's brother is the cop assigned to the case. So no clash of interests there.

To be fair to the film the story is not that bad though not very original and you can see the twist coming a mile off. Gratuitous use of female nudity and writhing bodies of course but an entertaining little film for all it's faults. The film may have been inspired by President Clinton and his legendary libido.