Friday, January 19, 2018

Quiet Fire (1991)

1991 action movie Quiet Fire stars Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as ...guess what? A Vietnam vet! Well that is a surprise...

Lawrence's ex-commanding officer is now running for the US senate and he thinks Lawrence has the dirty on him which could derail his blossoming political career.

Therefore he sends an army of assassins (including two female bodybuilders - no really) and bent cops (including Robert Z'dar) to kill him. Luckily everyone is pretty inept at killing our hero though there is plenty of collateral damage.

The film is hilarious, and very little of that intentional. The action comes thick and fast but is generally pretty shoddy though entertaining along with most of the acting. There is also plenty of unnecessary but gratuitous female nudity. Plus a heavy amount of cheese.

Therefore it has all the ingredients to make a great trash movie. And it is. I enjoy this kind of film a lot and particularly this one, Lawrence had the right amount of charm and goofiness to suit the nonsense going on around him.