Thursday, January 4, 2018

Snake Eater (1989)

Snake Eater stars Lorenzo Lamas as an ex US Marine special forces soldier and now a cop. He has to use his skills and experience to track down the people who killed his parents and who have kidnapped his sister...

All of which sounds great, the problem is Lamas' character is fairly inept as a soldier and cop. The film chronicles his mis-adventures tracking down a stereotype band of inbred rednecks in the woods. He gets there in the end but gets trapped or beaten up a lot.

Well that's not the only problem with this film, everything else about it is also fairly inept though you don't watch these films for the acting or original storytelling let's face it.

The film is redeemed by some amusing and interesting scenes such as the trap to catch criminals early in the film and the action is not just endless shootouts and explosions. However it's not a film you'll be desperate to see again anytime soon.