Saturday, May 5, 2018

Hawkeye (1988)

Hawkeye is a ridiculous movie but despite shoddy acting, a plot that veers between nonsense and incoherence, and poor camerawork it has a strange kind of magic that makes it worth watching.

It stars George Chung as a Las Vegas police officer who has a weird way of enforcing crime (basically shooting everyone including the victims). He is teamed up with Troy Donahue who is supposed to keep George on the straight and narrow though that doesn't last very long.

The two cops are pitched against the yakuza and mob, mayhem ensues of course. A series of action set pieces follow which make little sense (though with some decent martial arts at times) and includes a random appearance by a bazooka. Well it is that kind of film, complete nonsense and hilarious (not always intentionally).