Sunday, May 6, 2018

Play Catch (1983)

Play Catch is a gem of the early 1980s, a good old HK slapstick comedy with the right formula of comedy, action and general entertainment HK cinema cracked so often back then. Of course it also has a totally incomprehensible plot. 

Alan Tam plays an illegal immigrant looking for his father, he comes across a crook who smuggles in illegal immigrants played by our hero Eric Tsang who thinks Alan can pretend to be a Triad boss' son (naturally). That Triad boss is being investigated by Olivia Cheng who plays a reporter who unknowingly is carrying a tape recorded by an ICAC investigator (now dead) in which the Triad boss incriminates himself in wanting to kill a judge. Still with me?

And so follows a frantic race against time as the crooks chase the tape, then the girl. And with the police unwilling to help the heroic trio decide to save the judge themselves... unfortunately he's at the circus. Yes really.

Hilarious HK fun, like it used to be.