Thursday, May 10, 2018

Zeppelin (1971)

Early in the First World War the Germans unleashed a new war machine, the zeppelin. For the first time the British population in their homes were under attack (well apart from the inhabitants of coastal towns who received the odd bombardment from German warships in fact). Michael York is a British officer with German heritage sent to find out more about the zeppelin threat.

The Germans however think he is one of theirs and his knowledge of Scotland is just what they need for their cunning plan to win the war... to land at a Scottish castle and destroy the Magna Carta!

Although historic accuracy may have been jettisoned like a zeppelin jettisoning ballast it is a very intriguing and enjoyable film. Airships have always had an aura about them, large majestic castles of the sky... and packed full of bags of highly flammable gas.

The German plan is quite frankly nonsense but it is a thrilling operation all the same. The raid and the following air battle are excellent action scenes. It is also good to see that the German officers involved were allowed to show courage and honour and not just be one-dimensional evil bad guys. The special effects, especially of the zeppelin, are reasonable. The zeppelin is the star of the film for sure.