Monday, July 9, 2018

Big News (1929)

Steve Banks (Robert Armstrong) is that most realistic of characters: an alcoholic journalist. After another boozy night while he is on the trail of a big story on drug dealers he ends up separated from his wife, and fellow journalist, Margaret (Carole Lombard) and sacked by his editor (Charles Sellon).

Banks continues to pursue his story and bar owner Reno (Sam Hardy) who is involved in drugs. Reno has the editor killed while trying to find evidence that links him to narcotics. Banks gets the blame but is sure he can clear his name...

An early talkie and has some great dialogue, the banter in the newspaper office and in Reno's bar is fun. The final scenes in the newspaper office are frenetic and exciting. Overall it is a pretty decent film. The alcoholism (Banks isn't the only pissed journalist) gets a bit wearsome after awhile though.