Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ghost Ship (1952)

A young couple (Dermot Walsh and Hazel Court) buy an old steam yacht even despite the yard owner (Joss Ambler)'s best attempt to put them off. He tells them about the ship's dark past.

The yacht been found drifting at sea with the crew all missing, later found dead washed ashore. He also warns them that the ship is haunted though they laugh this off. Then the couple and the rest of the crew begin to experience ghostly happenings...

A paranormal expert (Hugh Burden) is called in to discover exactly what happened. He spends his time giving a rather dry demonstration of tuning forks (no really) and then calls a medium in for a seance.

A modest but enjoyable film. It is probably the least scary ghost film ever though has an interesting story. Things pick up when we see what actually happened aboard the ship to give it it's reputation.