Monday, July 2, 2018

Corruption (1933)

Preston Foster plays Tim Butler, elected to mayor on a promise of cleaning up the city. The party led by Regan (Warner Richmond) get a bit put out when they discover that Butler was true to his word about exposing graft especially as some of the party supporters are in the firing line.

Butler is first framed with a prostitute and then apparently is guilty of killing Regan, though no bullet is found. A corrupt judge puts him away anyway. Butler is exonerated with the help of his secretary Ellen (Evelyn Knapp) after more corrupt figures are gunned down by a scientist called Volkov (Mischa Auer) with ice bullets.

Low budget and breezy but an entertaining film. There isn't a huge amount of depth, the corruption and the reaction to it being painted rather too broadly but Foster and Knapp make a nice pairing.