Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Fog Island (1945)

Fog Island is an interesting film. Ex-con Leo (George Zucco) who was convicted of stealing a fortune invites the people who shopped him to his foggy island, one of his guests also being the one who killed his dear wife. The guests who include Lionel Atwill and Sharon Douglas are each given a random object. After a weird dinner party they begin their search for the fortune their host once stole and which they think is still around.

Fog Island is an ex-pirate lair with secret passages, hidden compartments, underground vaults and booby traps. Manipulated by Leo most of the guests end up in a locked room which begins to fill with water...

Interesting and enjoyable film with noir touches though it doesn't make a lot of sense. Everyone is backstabbing everyone else (sometimes literally), even lovely step-daughter Sylvia (Veda Ann Borg) isn't wholly above reproach.