Thursday, August 30, 2018

Murder at Glen Athol (1936)

A decent but unsurprising crime drama. Formulaic for sure but a good formula.

John Miljan stars as Bill Holt, a detective on vacation. He reluctantly attends a party by his neighbours by the vivacious and trouble making Muriel (Iris Adrian). Muriel seems to have a habit of making enemies and collecting ex-s. She is also mixed up with the local hoodlum (Noel Madison).

That night a string of murders take place including Muriel. Holt, who is enamoured with one of Muriel's many enemies (Irene Ware), gets on the case...

It isn't very original but is an entertaining film with a reasonably complicated plot with plenty of red herrings. Holt's partner Jeff (James P. Burtis) is rather annoying but plays the required comedy role in the film.