Monday, August 27, 2018

X Marks the Spot (1942)

Although not very original, and with events proceeding at such a breakneck pace you hardly have time to breathe, this is a very entertaining crime drama. Damien O'Flynn plays Eddie, a private detective about to join the Army. When his policeman father (Robert Homans) is gunned down he is drawn into a racket involving rival gangs (led by Jack La Rue and Neil Hamilton) and bootleg tyres.

Rubber rationing was obviously big news in 1942, the subject was also covered in Rubber Racketeers.

Eddie is helped by a fascinating plot device, a telephone linked jukebox where operators play records on request. Linda (Helen Parrish) is the operator whom Eddie has the hots for and who ends helping him with his investigation... one made more difficult when Eddie is accused of killing one of the gangsters. Someone else is involved... there isn't a great deal of investigation though. Various suspects get gunned down with regularity until the real culprit is basically revealed through being the last person standing.

But what a great film, cheap but definitely cheerful.