Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Lucky Terror (1936)

Lucky Terror is an unchallenging but enjoyable enough western starring Hoot Gibson as a Lucky Carson who gets dragged into a chase. The man being chased Jim Thornton (George Chesebro) forces Lucky to swap horses with him but unfortunately Lucky's horse gets spooked and drags the man over the cliff to his death. Lucky finds gold in the man's saddle and later learns he was a miner being chased by thieves led by Bat Moulton (Jack Rockwell).

Lucky joins a travelling show which includes the miner's niece Ann (Lona Andre). Lucky gets accused of killing Jim Thornton by Bat (really it was his horse) but is acquitted rather amusingly...

Although not too dramatic a film and lacking in much action (though the action that it does have is decent), Lucky Terror has enough unusual touches to elevate it above the usual film of this genre.