Monday, January 14, 2019

Red Haired Alibi (1932)

Lynn Monith (Merna Kennedy) is a naive young girl with red hair (which is mentioned every few minutes in the film). She meets the suave Trent Travers (Theodore von Eitz) who offers her a job in New York. She accepts and finds herself having to pose as Travers' "wife" in some unusual situations. Travers is a gangster you see... soon Lynn realises there is a reason she keeps having to lie to the police.

Finally Lynn leaves Travers and relocates to White Plains. In typical movie coincidence manner Lynn bumps into Bob Shelton (Grant Withers) again (whom she met briefly in NY) and gets hired to nurse his daughter (Shirley Temple in one of her earliest roles). She and Bob gets married but when she bumps into Travers again (who by now is on the run) in New York things reach a (red) head...

An enjoyable film, the story is nothing too unusual and the plot a bit by the numbers but the film moves along at a decent pace. Lynn's red hair has a starring role. As do the Art Deco interiors of the various hotels and restaurants, simply gorgeous.