Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Remember Me This Way (1974)

A Gary Glitter documentary, but long before any of that came to light. This was made in the early 1970s when he was at the height of his stardom and playing to audiences full of screaming girls...

The documentary, which is more a series of random and sometimes boring vignettes interspersed with Glitter singing, follows preparations for a big show. Footage of which ends the film. It also shows the recording of I love you love me love and even the seven inch singles being pressed, while his management team discuss how they are going to make money out of his records in a rather tedious segment.

Away from the concert and record making we see Glitter chilling out, at parties and doing some promotional work. In some ways its a fascinating look at early 70s pop music but it is a genuinely terrible film (and not because of hindsight) it was just so badly made. Despite all that this was a box office hit which just shows how big a star he was back then!