Saturday, December 16, 2017

Future War (1997)

Future War is my kind of movie: a cheese-fest of badly choreographed action which makes no sense whatsoever.

So Future War, what is it about? A war in the future at a guess. Or is it? There is a revolt aboard a space ship anyway, that counts as the "future" part of the war but a human slave escapes and ends up on present day Earth... though he is being pursued by tyrannosaurs and Robert Z'dar as a cyborg hunter.

The runaway slave is helped by a nun (of course!) The battle for the universe ends up being between future cyborgs and their dinosaur hunters and... a street gang.

Now it may sound totally ridiculous (and it is) but the film is genuinely brilliant. Its hilarious, but most probably not intentionally.

The acting is shoddy, the sets cheap (much of the film seems to take place in an empty cardboard box warehouse) and the effects cheaper (the dinosaurs seem to vary in size for some reason). Its a terrible terrible film. Therefore of course I loved every minute of it. This really is a film you need in your life.