Saturday, December 9, 2017

Wings (1927)

Wings contains some of the best aerial combat footage in any film ever. Even if you don't watch silent movies as a rule (though you should of course) its worth checking this film out just for that alone...

Wings is a WW1 aerial adventure starring Charles Buddy Rogers and Richard Arlen. To include superstar actress Clara Bow the original story was adapted to bring in a bit of romance though if we are to be honest that part of the film is overshadowed by the aerial combat sequences.

Making the film was a colossal undertaking, involving hundreds of pilots and extras. The film was very costly and took much longer to make than was usual at the time but it was worth it. It won best picture at the first Oscars, and is still the only fully silent movie to do so.

Another notable fact about the film is that if you stop the DVD at the exact right moment you can see Clara Bow's breasts during the medical examination scene. So i have been told anyway.