Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Blood Money (1991)

Blood Money (also known as The Killers Edge) is an incredible movie... sometimes incredible low quality...

A counterfeiting gang is iced by a rival gang led by Robert Z'dar and cop Wings Hauser leads the investigation.

So that sounds OK huh? The idea of the movie is decent enough (if not terribly original) but problem is the execution is rather poor. The acting and sound shoddy and the less said about some of the camerawork the better.

People get killed by the score and at the drop of a hat, after this film Hauser and Z'dar must have reduced the population of LA by about 20%. The action though isn't that bad, the problem is the film is padded out a bit too much including by some cheap looking Vietnam War flashbacks.

The final showdown is quite bizarre but as the rest of the film makes little sense maybe it's the ending that was required.