Monday, December 11, 2017

The Final Programme (1973)

A very strange early 1970s British science-fiction film, oh based on a Michael Moorcock novel you say? Enough said!

The Final Programme stars Jon Finch as Jerry Cornelius - a playboy genius scientist in a velvet suit who drives an old Rolls Royce around with various pills littering the passenger seat and a special holder for his bottle of scotch. He is therefore the hero the world has been looking for.

In a world that seems to be falling apart (though little explanation is given as to why) Cornelius is looking for microfilm of the final programme - written by his father - which is the design for the next stage of humanity. The new Messiah to take the world forward?

Well its very much of the Age of Aquarius for sure. Most of the film makes little sense (unless you are high perhaps) but is so strange and so cool you don't really mind. What a long strange trip it is. The scene where nuns are playing slot machines for example and the room full of brains in tanks. Mind bending.