Monday, September 10, 2018

Mystery Liner (1934)

An ocean liner is to test a new method of remote control, however the captain (Noah Beery) falls ill on the eve of the test voyage (which has a complement of crew and passengers despite the test for some reason). A foreign power is after the S-505 technology at the heart of the test. With a ship full of mysterious characters we are set for an exciting film eh?

Well partially. Although the set-up is interesting the execution is at times a bit lacking. The film takes ages to get going, too much of the time being wasted on the rather annoying Granny Plimpton (Zeffie Tilbury) who should have been chucked in the brig.

When the captain's illness is found to be due to a poison suspicion falls on a number of people including his replacement Captain Downey (Boothe Howard) or his First Officer (Cornelius Keefe). Plus who is this mysterious foreign gentleman Von Kesseling (Gustav von Seyffertitz) who always seems to be wandering around? Major Pope (Edwin Maxwell) is on the case... in a pompous manner but is he all he seems?

Once it gets going it's a neat little spy film - though not one which makes much sense -  with touches of science fiction including an early form of instant messenger.