Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Phantom Cowboy (1935)

When a stagecoach is held up by The Phantom the coach ends up a runaway with Ruth Rogers (Doris Brook) onboard. Bill Collins (Ted Wells) and his incredibly annoying sidekick Pete (Jimmy Aubrey) save Ruth and get drawn into the hunt for The Phantom.

Though quite what is happening is really anyone's guess. The storyline has "issues" shall we say. The acting also has plenty of issues, as in there does not appear to be any.

Bill and Pete catch up with The Phantom after he steals their clothes and then fries them bacon (honestly). He turns out to be Bill's double. He explains that he has only turned to crime because crooked Buck Houston (George Chesebro) is after his prospecting claim. He persuades them to help him out...

It isn't a long film (less than an hour) but is padded out by seeming endless filler. A very strange film in many ways. It is possibly the worst film ever made though i did enjoy it.