Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Gentle Trap (1960)

Johnny (Spencer Teakle) is a budding young burglar on his first job, he lucks out with a fortune in diamonds from a safe but on the way out his partner Sam (Arthur Hewlett) is mown down by a rival gang and he is forced to flee. Johnny comes home and has found his girlfriend has done a runner.

The girlfriend Sylvia (Dawn Brooks) has shacked up with a gangland boss and seedy club owner Ricky (Martin Benson) and it turns out it was she who sold out Johnny.

On the run from the hoods and the police Johnny falls in with Mary (Dorinda Stevens) who runs yet another dodgy nightclub. Johnny is nursed by Mary's sister Jean (Felicity Young) but has he really found a safe haven?

Low budget Noir thrills where everyone seems to be on the take. Watchable without being brilliant but it kind of suits the setting, a really seedy side of London.