Monday, September 17, 2018

The Boss of Big Town (1942)

In times of war with food being scarce the position of City Market Official Michael Flynn (John Litel) is vital. The city marketers are being put under pressure by a slick gangster Miljan (Kenneth Craige) - though the real Mr Big is as yet unknown. Flynn is also being leaned on but resists the overtures of the gang. City attorney Moore (H.B. Warner) is also putting the pressure on Flynn to sort it all out.

After failing to stop the attacks on market traders Flynn is fired but decides to go undercover and pretends to fall in with Miljan so he can find out who Mr Big is...

Not the most exciting film ever, the story is a bit unoriginal and it is overall a bit dull though the final reveal and showdown work. The wartime propaganda isn't laid on very thick which is a blessing. It is watchable though the best thing about the film is the title.