Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Big Town After Dark (1947)

Based on a radio show this is an enjoyable crime drama. Steve Wilson (Phillip Reed) is the managing director of a newspaper. His star reporter Lorelei (Hillary Brooke) decides to quit to become a novelist, the owner brings in his niece Susan (Ann Gillis) to replace her as the police reporter.

However is Susan all she seems to be? She seems linked to the local gambling boss Chuck (Richard Travis). When Steve is beaten up while taking Susan to a poker joint, Susan then apparently goes missing. Has she been kidnapped? She turns up with a plausible story but not before the uncle has been swindled out of fifty grand. Lorelei is suspicious and decides to find out what is really going on though things are complicated by Steve having the hots for Susan...

Its typical Noir fare, beatings in dingy gambling joints punctuated by slick dialogue. The story is straightforward but well written and the performances are good though Brooke's ice blonde character is a little too cold.