Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Last Alarm (1940)

Jim Hadley (J. Farrell MacDonald) is a respected old soak firefighter who has retired but is finding himself at a loose end. Meanwhile a deranged pyromaniac called Wendell (George Pembroke) has caused a series of fires and it is putting the insurance company which Jim's daughter Joan (Polly Ann Young) works at and her insurance investigator beau Frank (Warren Hull) under pressure.

When Jim's old buddy is killed in the latest fire he is bought in to help the investigation. Wendell knows the net is closing in but he turns his attention to bringing down the Hadleys.

Although the plot is pretty basic the film is an entertaining crime film with a difference. Apart from Wendell's over the top maniac act most of the acting is very natural, especially by MacDonald. Although a low budget film it looks good, in particular making good use of stock footage.