Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Amazing Adventure (1937)

Cary Grant stars in this light hearted (if rather unlikely) comedy drama (which is also known as The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss). Rich playboy Ernest Bliss (Grant) is afflicted by some sort of illness, a doctor (Peter Gawthorne) prescribes it as idle-itis. Bliss bets with the doctor that he can survive for a year without his riches and live on only what he earns himself...

It doesn't turn out to be quite as easy as Bliss imagines but he soon gets a job as an oven salesman. This doesn't go down too well until he uses his money to generate sales. However he moves on to become a chauffeur but also falls for secretary Frances (Mary Brian). As the months roll on he successfully manages to survive but various shenanigans mean his life becomes... interesting... when the mob gets involved.

A charming little film, Grant's star quality making the film though the story itself is nothing special. It passes pleasantly on by.