Friday, October 5, 2018

Braindead (1992)

Boy (Timothy Balme) meets girl (Diana Penalver), but has domineering mother (Elizabeth Moody), who turns into a zombie.

This is an early 90s black comedy directed by Peter Jackson way before any Lord of the Rings, but this is epic in its own special way. Epic gore for sure.

There is a plot though its more a hook for a lot of gore laden action set pieces including the rather hilarious fighting priest (Stuart Devanie) scene.

The film scores well on "OMG NO!" moments and some genuinely funny dark humour though the final half an hour is pretty much wall to wall violent gore and can get a bit tiresome after the umpteenth liquidised zombie. The sheer ridiculousness of the zombie romp takes you through though, like a zombie hand through a head.