Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Cover Girl Killer (1959)

Someone is killing cover girls from a popular soft-core girlie mag, the murderer (Harry H Corbett) kills the girls and then reenacts the cover photo. Inspector Brunner (Victor Brooks) is on the case in a methodical plodding manner. He is assisted by John Mason (Spencer Teakle) who is the owner of the girlie mag - which he apparently inherited from his uncle. Otherwise he is an archaeologist!

To lure the serial killer into a trap Felicity (June Rawson) is put on the cover of the magazine and thus becomes the next target for Corbett's sinister murderer.

Corbett's character is really interesting with a deep level of psychosis. The sleazy setting of the film adds an enjoyable layer of dirt but as a crime drama it is rather lacking. The police seem particularly dopey but the amateur saves the day in Golden Age fashion. Not the best film but Corbett's performance is worth checking out, this is way beyond Steptoe.