Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Legion of Missing Men (1937)

A decent enough film about the French Foreign Legion. It is not unlike other films about the Legion especially made pre-war, expect plenty of shootouts in the desert and murderous Arab rebels (who speak English in a rather mysterious convoluted way).

It stars Ralph Forbes as Ben, a veteran of the Legion. Things take a turn for the worst when Ben's younger brother Don (Ben Alexander) turns up in Morocco and has joined the Legion. Despite his brother's warnings Don falls foul of the rather prickly NCO Garcia (George Regas) and ends up on punishment routine. The Arabs led by Sheik (Roy D'Arcy) capture Don and Ben is forced to get the guns working...

It isn't a bad film, just not that original. The two brothers fall out over a nightclub singer (Hala Linda) but are reunited to save the day et cetera.