Thursday, November 1, 2018

Murder on the Campus (1933)

Murder on the Campus is an enjoyable if fairly unlikely murder mystery - though does keep you guessing.

Charles Starrett is Bill, a reporter who is near the scene when a university student is murdered in a bell tower. How the murder got away is unknown but the police detective (J. Farrell MacDonald) is on the case. Though for some reason he is happy to have Bill along with him for questioning suspects and discussing the clues. Things get hairy for Bill though when one of the prime suspects turns out to be his squeeze Lillian (Shirley Gray).

With things looking bleak for Lillian Bill enlists the help of college professor and criminologist Hawley (Edward Van Sloan) but has Bill made a fatal error?

Although quite low budget and static (there isn't a great deal of action - such that there is is often off-camera) the plot is pretty decent and has a good twist.