Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Monster Walks (1932)

A creepy but rather awful horror film. Ruth (Vera Reynolds) and her fiance Ted (Rex Lease) arrive at her father's mansion after the old man's death. Already very upset but the large ape in the basement who's shrieks echo through the house really finishes her off.

The will is read and the housekeeper Mrs Krug (Martha Mattox) and her son Hanns (Mischa Auer) (who both speak in a ridiculously slow and monotone manner) are put out by the small inheritance they get. That night a hairy hand attempts to strangle Ruth, just the start of some terrible and mysterious happenings that stormy night...

So its a film with mysterious and strange servants, a wild ape and hidden passages. It could have been a lot better film than it is, the pace is incredibly slow and some of the acting hideous.