Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Danger Ahead (1935)

A rather ridiculous crime caper. An old sea captain (John Elliott) is swindled out of his money by a crooked cafe owner (Bryant Washburn). Luckily a tough reporter called Jerry (Lawrence Gray) witnesses the crime and gets the money back.

However the gang are on his case and for some reason he can't just tell the police what has happened...

It is all just a farce with some of the most inept bad guys imaginable. The police, when they finally do show up, prove to be almost as stupid as the bad guys!

Although nonsense the film is enjoyable because it is so silly. There is a love interest with the captain's daughter Lorraine (Sheila Bromley) but mostly the film is a series of pointless action set pieces and sometimes poorly judged humour. The fight scenes are particularly amusing - they last for ages and have no dialogue apart from gasps and grunts. The film should be treated as a live action cartoon, then it somewhat makes sense.