Friday, June 1, 2018

Curse of the Swamp Creature (1966)

Never mind what is the best film of all time, what is the worst film of all time? In Curse of the Swamp Creature we have a real contender. Its an utterly awful horror film involving a mad scientist (of course) played by John Agar who is conducting depraved experiments on the locals and feeding his failures to the alligators.

Meanwhile a team of oil prospectors have arrived in the area and get mixed up in his crazy experiments which culminates in creating a bizarre fish-man...

The film could be a cheesy delight of course but unfortunately it is executed very poorly. The acting is terrible, the budget is below low-budget (way below). The dialogue and sound effects seem to have been added post-production, unfortunately a lot of the sound effects are late or even missing. The monster is quite cool though, but looks more gormless than terrifying.