Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dead Men Tell (1941)

A Charlie Chan (played by the rather non-Asian Sidney Toler) murder mystery set on a ship - though one that stays in port.

An eccentric old lady (Ethel Griffies) has found a map by her pirate ancestor but is literally scared to death by someone pretending to be a pirate ghost. Charlie Chan is luckily on hand looking for his wayward No. 2 son (Sen Yung) and investigates the case.

The murderer must be one of a motley cast of fellow passengers who is after the map (and so the treasure). It is an enjoyable little film and a neat little mystery full of red herrings though of course completely ridiculous. Chan is portrayed a most bizarrely stereotypical way in manner and speech. However his sage and calm philosophy contrasts amusingly well with his disaster prone son.