Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Street Fighter (1994)

Movies based on video games are usually problematical (i.e. rubbish), Street Fighter however is quite good. Maybe because it is based only very very loosely on the game (much to the annoyance of many fans of the game).

It stars Jean Claude Van Damme as the head of a special forces unit (which includes amongst it's number Kylie Minogue - worth the price of a ticket alone for that casting) fighting brutal warlord Bison played by Raul Julia.

Julia makes the film to be honest, his portrayal of Bison is hilarious with many funny lines. The film is chock full of humour in fact, and plenty of weirdness too.

The plot? Well it involves Bison trying to take over the world with super soldiers and a mostly crew of video game characters such as Byron Mann's Ryu are trying to stop him. The plot is nothing special, it's just a fairly flimsy framework upon which to hang lots of one-liners and martial arts action on. It really shouldn't work, somehow it does.