Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Shadow (1933)

The Shadow is a strange film, it starts off very promisingly with a tale of a vicious blackmailer (The Shadow) and then suddenly is thrown into a middling Golden Age type country house murder mystery with The Shadow bumping off a motley crew of upper class twits.

The Shadow blackmails rich people which usually ends up in the poor victim committing suicide. Police chief Sir Richard (Felix Aylmer) has taken time out from the investigation in his country house and assorted guests including rather annoying toff novelist Reggie (Henry Kendall) and his reluctant love target Sonja (Elizabeth Allan). Unfortunately it turns out one of Sir Richard's guests is The Shadow...

The film is full of every country house mystery cliche going, including a good deal of over acting. Its a highly enjoyable romp with plenty of dashing around the country house, maybe a little too much humour though to match the potential for suspense from the sinister villain. The twist at the end is superb though.