Sunday, June 24, 2018

Grief Street (1931)

A theatre actor Alvin Merle (Crauford Kent) is found murdered in his dressing room, and thus an average murder mystery is set off. The dressing room was locked and apparently no one entered the room so how was he killed?

There are plenty of suspects, the victim was a womaniser and rather rude to all and sundry. The police investigation proceeds apace though a rather stupid Sergeant tries to do his best to stink out every scene he is in by overdoing the aggression. The focus of the film though is reporter Jim Ryan (John Holland) who is on the story (and given remarkable access to the police investigation) and young actress Jean Royce (Barbara Kent) who is in the possession of a rather incriminating note...

The film is fine, just rather unexceptional. It plods along, the dialogue is oddly stilted at times (with the odd funny line) but the film has great production values. A neat feature of the film is that you think the murder takes place right in the first scene but its really on stage... the real crime follows soon after.