Saturday, June 9, 2018

Gorgo (1961)

A huge monster is released by a volcano and proceeds to destroy a major city. No this isn't a Godzilla film but something very like it...

Gorgo actually isn't the monster who unleashes mega mayhem, although a dinosaur like beast twenty metres tall he is driven off by Irish villagers and eventually captured by Bill Travers and put in a circus in London.

Unfortunately for London Gorgo's much bigger mum comes looking for her son, shrugs off the best efforts of the Royal Navy and British Army and destroys half of London while looking for Gorgo. Never get between a mother and her child, especially when the mother is a sixty metre tall armour plated killing machine.

If you like seeing someone in a rubber suit destroy a model city then this isn't bad at all. A pretty decent example of the monster genre. The human actors are rather forgettable but Gorgo and his mum are terrific.